WPCloud is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider. We offer a high level of support, service & reliability, our sole focus is WordPress Hosting.

A properly maintained WordPress site is generally a site that is safe from hackers, viruses & malware! Up to date WordPress sites also perform better functionally for your site visitors. Our Canadian based WordPress support team will provide WordPress core updates, plugin updates, backups & a full host of performance & security improvements. We constantly monitor all WordPress sites & are notified of any issues or updates required. We use a white glove, a hands-on approach to all WordPress & plugin updates, all updates are performed & tested by a WordPress expert.

Stop worrying about WordPress updates, plugin updates, malware, hackers, server speed & uptime – that is what is for!

It’s important to note that updates are performed & reviewed by real team members. Due to the thousands of WordPress sites that we maintain, we’re able to create an extensive real-time internal database that tracks known bug issues with plugin updates. We use that information to provide plugin authors with bug reports & for our update team to be aware of potential issues with specific updates.

Our update team uses a 3 tiered scheduling system to schedule & perform updates.


– we have a two-pronged approach for security updates.
– first, our firewall team will create a specific firewall rule to protect all sites from a known security issue.
– second, once a security update is released, those updates will be performed the same day as that release.
– if for any reason a site isn’t able to be updated, our firewall rule will still protect against the vulnerability.


We consider minor updates to be feature/bug updates for a large number of the most popular plugins for the WordPress ecosystem. For example, Yoast, Akismet, Gravity Forms, Really Simple SSL, etc. These updates are generally well tested before released & are usually free of any major bugs. Our team performs these types of minor updates on a rolling daily basis through our system.


Our team considers major updates to be some of the following.

– popular plugins that have released a major overhaul of their plugin structure, this is usually disclosed by the plugin author.
– less popular plugins, that we don’t have extensive bug tracking or issues recorded in our database.

These updates are performed twice monthly & only rolled out to production sites after testing on internal staging sites. Once our team approves these updates, they are pushed live & tested again.

For all of the above, we use our AI system that performs side by side comparisons of before & after updates. These system helps alert our team of any issues a real team member might have missed.

As a final fail-safe, backup restore points are performed prior to live site updates.