About WPCloud.ca – A Made In Canada Managed WordPress Hosting Solution

When you choose a hosting provider, you want to ensure they have survived the test of time & the trust of their clients. Let us tell you about our history & more about us!

1998 – We got our start developing & operating e-commerce websites & applications. After 20 years, a few of our team members are still with WPCloud.

2003 – We had been using various commercial blog platforms in our e-commerce & personal lives, many of us were actively blogging for various reasons. It was in 2003 that WordPress was released & certainly caught our attention. We still remember having conversations about how we could use WordPress for our client needs. It was in late 2003 that we had a small team focused on developing WordPress sites for our clients. Hard to believe that this was 15 years ago!

2013 – WPCloud.ca was born! By 2013, we had been developing WordPress sites for almost 10 years & were quite successful with that practice. We had always struggled to find a good hosting provider to host our WordPress clients & more importantly a hosting provider with staff & infrastructure in Canada. With that focus, we put together a team, again with some team members that had been with us since 1998. In 2013, WPCloud.ca was launched with the sole focus on Canadian Managed WordPress hosting.

2023 – Today, WPCloud is the largest Canadian-managed WordPress hosting provider, serving many thousands of WordPress installs, with infrastructure & team members across Canada.  We’re profitable & experiencing a high rate of growth.

75% of our support team members are remotely based. We have strategically chosen support team members around the World, allowing for the type of support response times that our clients have come to expect. We’re a passionate bunch that works hard every day to provide our clients with a level of service that we’re very proud of.

We’re also proud of the fact that we do have a “head office” here in Port Hope, Ontario, but not one that our team is forced to drive to each day, instead, we have embraced a distributed team. Our team is spread around Canada & the World, amazing, talented people who work where they live & love.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions that you might have about us or the WPCloud.ca service.