FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What currency are your prices in?

Our prices are in Canadian funds. We’re a Canadian company.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards & PayPal. All pricing is in Canadian funds.

Do I have to agree to a contract?

No, all of our plans are contract-free, you can pay monthly or annually & can cancel at any time. You will also have access to your data at all times during your paid service. We want you to be happy, not locked in.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

How long does it take to set up an account?

We set up each account manually. Your support account will be set up right away & our support team will contact you with further details on launching or migrating your WordPress site. We aim to schedule all migrations within 24 hours.

All accounts are manually reviewed by our billing dept. to ensure they are not fraudulent. Once approved, our support team will contact you with further details on launching or migrating your WordPress site. We aim to schedule all fresh installs within 24 hours & migrations within 48 hours.

We do not offer instant setups, all initial setups are manually performed by our team.

Can I change plans?

Yes, just contact support. You can upgrade/downgrade plans whenever you like, with no impact or disruption to your sites.

What kind of support do you offer?

The amazing kind! We offer support via email, trouble ticket system & our Enterprise account level offers phone support. Our support channels are monitored 24/7. Our servers are monitored 24/7, with a server administrator always available to deal with any issues on the server side.

What is your support response time?

On average, our support team will begin working on a support request within 15 minutes. Based on the issue, you can expect to hear a response within 1 hour, usually sooner. Support is available 24/7 with the exception of Canadian holidays. Our sales team responds to emails Monday – Friday 10 AM – 6 PM ET. Our migration team hours are Monday – Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM ET.

Do you provide email accounts?

Yes, we offer Canadian based email hosting. Each email address has a 5GB capacity & is hosted on specialized Email only servers, isolated in a different data center than our WordPress servers. All data remains on secure Canadian based servers.

Do you host non-WordPress sites?

No, we only host sites that are WordPress based, however, we do allow for you to host HTML & image files, but no other scripts or databases.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, if you pay for one year of service, we provide you with two free months. We also offer discounts to Non-Profits, contact support for more details.

Do you provide cPanel access?

Yes, we offer a customized WPCloud cPanel.

Do you provide SFTP access?

Yes, we provide SFTP access.

Do you provide access to phpMyAdmin?

Yes, you have full access to phpMyAdmin within the hosting cPanel.

Will you migrate my site to WPCloud?

Yes, we offer free migrations. We have a dedicated team that takes care of migrations.

Do you provide SSL certificates?

Yes, all of our plans include free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

What if I go over my hosting plan limits?

We will never shut down a site based on heavy traffic. We allow a 25% overage each month for bandwidth, if you exceed that overage for 2 months in a row, we will contact you to arrange for a more suitable plan. Additional disk space beyond your plan disk limit will be charged at 0.25 per GB, per month.

Can you tell me more about Canadian privacy regulations?

Visit the Government of Canada privacy information site here.

Do you offer GIT integration?

Yes, GIT integration is available upon request.

Can I add more WordPress installs to a plan?

Yes, additional installs can be requested, you’re not required to buy larger plan than you currently need.

Additional Installs are charged the following;

WPC 10 – Additional Installs $14 per install, per month

WPC20 – Additional Installs $12 per install, per month

WPC40 – Additional Installs $9 per install, per month

AGENCY – Additional Installs $9 per install, per month

If you have other 500 installs, please contact us for a custom quote.

Do you support WordPress Multisite?

Yes, all plans support multisite, no extra charges.

Do you support WooCommerce?

Yes, we have thousands of WooCommerce installs on the WPCloud system.

Do you have a disallowed plugin list?

We allow all WordPress plugins on our system. Due to redundancy, we don’t recommend that you use backup, security, caching or image optimization plugins, as we have that functionality built in server side.

Where are you located?

Our company is located in Port Hope, Ontario.

Do you place any restrictions on the plugins or themes that I can install?

No, you’re free to install any theme or plugin of your choice.

Where are your data centers located?

Montreal, Toronto & Vancouver

Do you offer development services?

No, we don’t offer WordPress development services, however, we would be happy to refer you to several trusted partners.

Do you charge my traffic based on site visits or total bandwidth used?

We charged based on total bandwidth used, meaning the amount of data transferred to & from your site.

It’s our opinion that this is the fairest way to charge, as it encourages & rewards clients to have an optimized site.

Do I have to use your nameservers?

No, we don’t require you to use our nameservers, you can simply point an A record.

Can I request a dedicated IP address?

Yes, if you require a dedicated IP address, you can request that from support, the cost is $3 per month

Can I register or transfer my domain name to WPCloud?

No, we don’t provide domain name registration services. We can recommend several providers for domain name registration services.

I have many WordPress sites to migrate to WPCloud, what is the cost?

We don’t charge for WordPress migrations to WPCloud. Our dedicated migration team will perform your migrations at no charge.

Am I able to access the .htaccess file?

Yes, however, WPCloud has a customized htaccess file, all of our code is clearly marked.

Do you offer HTTP/2

Yes, WPCloud was one of the first providers in Canada to offer HTTP/2

Do you offer QUIC

Yes, we do.

Do you offer Brotli

We certainly do, as of Sept. 2018, we appear to be the only major hosting provider in Canada to offer Brotli compression to our clients.


Do you have a public network status page?

Yes, as of Sept. 28, 2018, we now have a public network status page.  Please note that all previous incidents are listed in the network status section of our support site, accessible to all clients.  These records date back 5 years, we’re fully transparent.

The new status page is here – http://status.wpcloud.ca/