We’re firm believers in the saying, “there is no such thing as too many backups”! All of our plans include automatic daily backups, with a minimum of 14 archived daily backups available at all times. Your backups are stored on specialized, dedicated backup servers, located in separate data center locations (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal).

The user-friendly backup system is always available through your hosting cPanel & allows you to easily restore everything from a single file, database & all the way to a full site restore. Of course, our support team is always available to perform restores for you as well. Our WPCloud snapshot system is also available for you to quickly perform a real-time backup of your entire file/database. A typical snapshot takes less than 1 minute to create & allows you to just as easily restore to the snapshot state.

DR (disaster recovery) weekly backups are also performed, along with random restore testing to ensure backup file integrity. Additional backup schedules are available as a service.

We feel strongly that your data belongs to you & should be easily available for you to download, you will always have access to your backups for restore or download purposes.

The WPCloud backup system is one of the more robust, redundant & available backup systems offered today.